January 19, 2018

Week 33 in Mr. Houck’s class, by Camryn Johnson

Every week one student in our class gets to sit out the super quiz and write the weekly update on our class.  This week’s update was done by 7th grader Camryn Johnson.  Thanks, Camryn!

This week in Mr. Houck’s class we just started our first drafts of object stories! We’re all excited to do it.

Throughout the week each one of us had to memorize a poem, and also we finished our last couple of art talks.  And on Tuesday we started learning about smallpox, malaria, viruses and bacteria. Then, my favorite part, was when we got to pick our diseases to learn about. Somehow my ball from the bingo spinner was lost so I got what was left, but I still like the disease I’m learning about.

On Wednesday we did a fun comparison and competition to share our energy comic books. And we watched an interesting video about viruses.

On Thursday we watched another video about bacteria, and turned in our cool poem visuals. The poem was written by an amazing poet named Emily Dickinson. It was the same poem we had to memorize.

This week was the best I think.  Some of the 8th grade speeches were great and we also started a new read-aloud book called ‘Cold Cereal.’ I honestly think it’s better than ‘Ender’s Game.’

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