February 21, 2018

Track and Field, by Josh Layton

Sports have been one thing that really brings our community together. From high school football to even the middle school game under the lights. From basketball, to the volleyball team’s pink night. The sports in Corbett really bring the community together as they watch the students compete, win or lose. Another great sport that could really bring the community together is the Track and Field team. Corbett’s track team isn’t the strongest program as far as money goes. As far as athletes go however, it is very strong. We have had some great athletes both in middle school and high school, both male and female. But for our program to be even more successful, we need support from the community. If we can get enough support to get a track for the school, we could bring the community together with another successful sport.

For most of grade school and the first year of middle school, I didn’t play any sports. I just didn’t enjoy them that much. But in 7th grade I decided I would try football. It was my first year playing football, and my first year playing any sport since when I had played baseball in second grade. After enjoying football I decided I would try other sports. I didn’t play basketball and decided I would wait until spring and do track. However, in my seventh grade year, when track season came around, we couldn’t find a coach. And if there is no coach we obviously couldn’t do the sport. I was disappointed; I had been looking forward to trying track.

Spring passed and summer and football came around again. I had a great football season and decided I definitely needed to play another sport this year. I wasn’t able to devote myself enough during the winter to play basketball, so I decided to definitely play a spring sport. I couldn’t decide which to play; baseball or track. So I decided since I had wanted to try track the year before, I would try that if there was a coach. I was happy to find out that there was a coach for track this year. One of the middle school teachers and one of the grade school teachers volunteered to coach track together.

I knew going into track that I wasn’t going to be much of a runner. I planned on doing mainly throwing events. This was good, because while we didn’t have a track, which meant we couldn’t practice running events quite like we would be competing, we did have a discus ring and a shot-pit. However, while we did have a shot-pit, it turned out that we didn’t have the right shot-puts. We figured that out at our first meet, when three other guys from Corbett and I were going to throw shot and one of the coaches told us we were throwing with the girls shot-puts. It turns out that we had two girl’s shots and a shot that is too light to compete with. It was difficult not having the right shot-put to practice with. Without an eight pound shot, we couldn’t really get the feel of it for when we threw in meets.

Another problem we had was discuses. We only had two discs which made it difficult to practice because we normally had three or four people wanting to practice at the same time. We eventually ended up getting another one and ended up with a total of three. That made it easier to practice since if there were three of us, we could all have our own disc to practice with.

After trying track for the first time this year, I have decided that it is my new favorite sport. One of the great things about track is while you still get points for your team, it is an individual sport. You get to work for your own goals and beat your own personal records, and you get to focus on the things important to improving on what you need to. I do enjoy team sports, and I like the team aspect and being part of a team. And track is the best of both; you get to work for your own goals, and also try to help your team. Individual sports like track can be really good for some people. Some people just need that individual aspect to really get them interested.

I loved competing this season, and would like to keep competing. I would love it if we had a coach every year, so people like me could enjoy track as much as I have. I would also love to see us get the right equipment and facilities. If we could have a track at Corbett it would make things much easier. Instead of only being able to practice on a track whenever we go to Mount Hood Community College, we would be able to practice every day. We would also be able to host meets; this would be nice for both parents and athletes. Athletes wouldn’t always have to get out of school early to go to another school for a meet, and parents wouldn’t have to drive really far for every meet to see their child compete. On top of that it would provide everyone in the community with a safe place to walk. I see people walking along the sides of the road all the time. If we had a track, those people wouldn’t have to walk along the roads, they could walk along the track where it would be safer since there are no cars. A track would really benefit not only the athletes, but the entire community.

But to get those supplies and facilities, we need support from he community. The great thing about this is we recently got a new coach for the high school, and he has been really involved and is really trying to make it possible for us to get those things we need. He has estimated that to get a track we need around 800,000 dollars. And he has taken it upon himself to try and make it possible. He is applying to get a grant for 700,000 dollars and another for 750,000. If we could get that, all we need is some support from the community either in the form of donations, or even donating time to come and work on the track itself. We have someone who cares enough to try and make this happen for us; we just need some more help. The track teams have had success, and the sport is really important to some people. If we could get support so we can afford the things we need to have a great program, we could have just that.

About Carrie Church

Carrie Church loves teaching at Corbett Middle School. She has taught kids from pre-kindergarten through middle school, in almost all imaginable combinations. Before moving her family to Corbett, Carrie has lived in Alaska, Indiana, Michigan, and northern Italy. Carrie still loves to travel to new places and learn new things, and especially loves teaching science. She has three kids who attend Corbett School, goats and chickens, too much garden, and an indulgent husband.