February 18, 2018

Happy August from CAPS

Happy August –
We have just a few short days left before school starts! I am very excited to meet all of our students and families. The staff got together last night to talk about the first week of school and we are all eagerly looking forward to our new students, our new space, and a fresh new year of school.
I will attach supply lists for primary, intermediate and middle school here Middle School Supply List  Springdale Intermediate Supply List  Primaryschoolsupplies. Please note: the supply lists are a suggested list of supplies! Do not feel obligated to buy all or even any of the supplies – especially if this poses a financial burden on your family. The teachers have selected these items because they will be using them regularly and it is helpful if you are able to supply them for your child. Ultimately, the district will provide whatever is lacking once school begins.
It has seemed to work well to communicate with families via email and I will continue to do so, however, I also want to post to the website to connect others who may be curious about who we are and what we are doing. One piece of information that I have not yet shared with everyone is a sort of philosophical statement that we (the CAPS staff) came up with at one of our early planning meetings. This set of core values is a representation of what we believe is the foundation for a quality education:
Because learning, performing, creating, and serving are innately pleasurable and necessary, our students deserve:

• a safe environment where risk-taking and failure are embraced as an integral part of the learning process.
• a thematic approach incorporating core academics, the arts, and physical education to address the whole student.
• opportunities to recognize, personally and publicly, their progress, successes, and challenges.
• the tools that will equip them to be life-long learners.
• to view themselves as competent, contributing members of their communities.
• to be equipped with healthy tools to evaluate and advocate for themselves and others.
• encouragement to not only develop their strengths but also to set goals for improving weaknesses.

We want our students to be successful, value learning and to have fun in a supportive and close-knit community. These ideas are the bedrock for the focused academic program we are creating with an emphasis on the arts – visual, musical, dance and dramatic. All of us at CAPS are committed to the above as our core values.

Enjoy the last few days of summer – it’s really hot! I look forward to seeing you all at our potluck next Wed. afternoon August 22nd at 4:30. Lori

Lori Luna About Lori Luna

Mrs. Luna has worked at Corbett Schools since the 2000-2001 school-year. She is currently the principal and Spanish teacher for CAPS (Corbett Arts Program with Spanish) at Springdale - the K-8 program of Corbett School District. Mrs. Luna has taught at every level - elementary, middle and high school. She has also taught multiple subjects from Spanish to Math and English, from History to Human Geography and Science and more. She is committed to Corbett Schools and the families they serve.