February 20, 2018

Week One at Springdale

It’s hard to believe it was only one week ago that the u-hauls were being unloaded at Springdale! We’ve had a busy and highly enjoyable week since then. The room has become a classroom filled with an energetic and creative group. I can’t wait to get to know everyone better over the course of this year. This week we started our first read aloud book, began discussing and writing about inferences, studied maps and a compass, and worked in the garden weeding raised beds. We also had Spanish, music, and morning meeting daily.

Apart from completing math lessons, students will generally have no homework from my class. If there is an exception I will let you know via email or on this page. We began our math program on Wednesday. If your child is in the Saxon 3 book, they received a book on Thursday; all other books were passed out on Wednesday. Please contact me with any questions or concerns about math if your child is in my math class. If your child is with Mr. Long or Mr. Phillips for math, it is best to contact their teacher directly (although I’m happy to answer any questions I can!).

As part of our class we will be spending at least one hour per week in the garden. Having extra shoes and gardening gloves at school would be very helpful. We will be working in the garden this week on Wednesday.

I am offering two times in the day for optional snack. There is no snack available from school so if your child would like to eat something during the morning and afternoon snack times, please send a little something extra. These are short windows so snacks that are easy to eat and clean up are best. There is a microwave available in the classroom for students to use during lunch. Please remember we are unable to have peanut products in the school due to severe allergies.

Next Friday we will be painting our chairs. Please send your kids to school prepared to get a bit messy. Also, if you have extra household paint (water based) that you would like to send in, please do so by Friday. I would also appreciate a few extra hands to help out on Friday with the painting between 2:00 and 3:00.

Abby Steichen About Abby Steichen

This is my fifth year teaching at Springdale and my eighth year teaching an intermediate classroom in the Corbett School District.
When not in school, I enjoy reading, photography, gardening, sewing, exploring nature, and spending time with my husband, three daughters, and two cats.