February 18, 2018

Español at CAPS

Español at CAPS
¡Hola! I wanted to write a short note to let our families know what our students have been learning in Spanish class. I teach each of the classes ½ hour lesson each day. We start with the primary classes – one group goes to music with Ms. Berg while the others stay with me for Spanish and then we flip. Next up are the intermediate (3-5) classes who have reorganized into a band group and a general music group – when one group is with Ms. Berg for their music lesson the other is with me for Spanish. Last, but not least, I get to spend time with our middle school classroom.
I begin the year with a method of teaching called TPR or Total Physical Response. It is used a lot in ESOL classes. Basically, I give commands and the students respond by doing, pointing, or drawing what I have said. There is very little, if any, writing or lists involved at this point. Mostly it is verbal repetition for students to become familiar with the sounds and recognize words. Just like a toddler, they will understand far more than they can produce for some time. Here is a list of some of the commands and vocabulary we have worked on so far (there are slight differences between the age groups):
Levántense – Get up or Stand up Siéntanse – Sit down Den la vuelta – Turn around
Brinquen – Jump    Caminen – Walk     Corran – Run    Señalen – point at or signal
La luz – the light      La puerta – the door      El piso – the floor       La ventana – the window
Rojo – red      Azul – blue       Verde – green      Amarillo – Yellow        Anaranjado – Orange
Morado – Purple      Café – Brown       Negro – black       Blanco – white     Turquesa – turquoise /aqua
There are more, a few animal names and some body parts, and some classroom objects in varying degrees dependent upon the class. As time progresses, you will see more written and hear more spoken Spanish…but to start out with, I believe that input – students hearing the language – is the most important part. As we get a little vocabulary under our belts, I can begin to introduce stories that go along with classroom content using a method called TPRS (Total Physical Response Storytelling). You are welcome to stop by and watch us as we learn…you can even join in if you like!
Lori Luna

Lori Luna About Lori Luna

Mrs. Luna has worked at Corbett Schools since the 2000-2001 school-year. She is currently the principal and Spanish teacher for CAPS (Corbett Arts Program with Spanish) at Springdale - the K-8 program of Corbett School District. Mrs. Luna has taught at every level - elementary, middle and high school. She has also taught multiple subjects from Spanish to Math and English, from History to Human Geography and Science and more. She is committed to Corbett Schools and the families they serve.