February 21, 2018

Week 2: So Far, So Good!

Hello everyone!

The first two weeks flew by as expected.  Make no mistake about it, we are in thick of it at this point.  Your student should be reading at home for a half an hour each night and prioritizing math.  Our P.E. days are Monday and Wednesday.  Students need to dress down with appropriate footwear and clothing.

Goal setting conferences are October 3 and 4.  I will send home times to sign up, but anyone who wants to get in touch with me to set up a time is encouraged to do so.

Students are currently making models of the earth to share on Tuesday, September 11.  They should also be setting up an interview with someone who can speak at length about the eruption of Mt. St. Helens on May 18th 1980.  These interviews are due Monday, September 17th.  We have had two polished writing samples turned in at this point: personal instruction manuals and a classmate interview.

Also, our overnight trip to Mt. St. Helens is rapidly approaching (Sept. 19 and 20).  We will leave Wednesday morning and are hoping to be back by 5:00 on Thursday.  Several students still need to get the permission slip signed, please make sure your student has turned in their paperwork.

So far, so good.  Morning meeting still gets my blood flowing, and after ten years I am still excited to go to the middle school every day!  Thanks everyone!  Please contact me at pleone@corbett.k12.or.us with comments or questions…



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