February 19, 2018

Week of September 17th

What a busy week! We have been reading, working on producing three Native American plays, writing and drawing about last week’s field study at Wildwood, learning about food webs and macroinvertebrates, concluding our energy balance unit, and finishing up research on selected tribes, along with various other tasks.

Our class has talked a lot during the last few weeks about balancing energy in (calories) and energy out (activities).  I have asked them to check out these two websites at home: http://apps.nccd.cdc.gov/dnpabmi/ for body mass index based on height and weight and to see if one is at a healthy weight, and http://health.discovery.com/centers/heart/basal/basal.html for basal metabolic rate (basic functions like breathing, sleeping, growing, & thinking. (You might find them interesting for yourself, too!) We are inserting short fitness breaks into our day, and jogging some of the time when we go back and forth. Students have each chosen a goal to improve their lifestyle. Please ask what it is, and help them to fulfill it.

We are practicing our thespian skills each and every day. Ready or not, we plan to have our dress rehearsal for our three plays on Monday, October 1st. You are invited to the show on Tuesday, October 2nd, in the grade school gym, from 2:30-3:30. (We still need a few blankets, tablecloths, or towels in earth tones to use as capes.)

Some students and parents have asked for the keyboarding website. Here it is: http://www.typingweb.com/tutor/. User name is cgs and then the student’s first name, such as cgsgeorge. Password is handy. It would be marvelous if everyone could continue to improve their skills at home.

We are solidly into our intermediate class routine. Those who have not been using their time wisely in class are definitely feeling a bit overwhelmed. Most students have been very efficient, however, are quite organized, and have completed all required assignments.

Listed below are assignments that may need to be finished this weekend. Please understand that enough time was given in class to complete all but the starred tasks. I suggest checking with your child to see what still needs to be completed.

  • *Read every day
  • *Learn spelling words
  • Practice lines for plays-speaking loudly, clearly, and with expression
  • Complete costume or gather props
  • Math (some have old late lessons, some have Thursday’s lesson, and some have *weekend lesson)
  • Story and drawing of Wildwood field study
  • Completed notes (on profile page) of Native American tribe
  • Field study permission slip
  • Tasks that should have been completed during rotation time (cursive, reading response letter, yearbook page)
  • *Practice +, -, or x facts
  • *Calculate totals for minutes and pages read

Have a great weekend!


  • Tuesday, September 25th – Field Study at Oxbow Park
  • Wednesday, October 3rd & Thursday, October 4th – Conferences
  • Thursday, November 8th – End of First Trimester



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