February 19, 2018

Trillium Room Sept. 20

Dear families,                                                                                    Sept. 20, 2012

If we could just get everyone healthy, life in the Trillium Room would be perfect.  The tummy bug and the yucky snorty-sneezy bug are having a heyday around here.  Please remind your kiddos (as we are daily) to not put items at school in their mouths and to wash with soap many times a day.  A couple kids even have little bottles of hand sanitizer in their backpacks that they use periodically.

Now on to the bugs we like.  Most of the math classes are using “bugs” as their theme right now.  The initial reviews on our new math curriculum are overwhelmingly positive.  The kids love the bug theme and the materials we work with every day are very kid-friendly.  Our math period is 100 minutes long and no one is asking, “Is math over yet?”

Attached to the paper newsletter that came home Thursday, is a photocopy of your homeroom teacher’s conference schedule.  If your name is not on it, please email, send a note or call right away to ask if your desired time-slot is still available.  Children are welcome to attend conferences.

The teachers feel so bad for the parade of parents who are scouring the school for lost coats and jackets.  In our classroom last week, we put 7 jackets in the lost-and -found after asking for  3 days in a row for the owners to claim them.  We know it’s way too expensive to provide your child with a new coat each week, so please consider writing your child’s name on the tags of their jackets so we can convince them they do in fact own the jacket.

Every month, we memorize 2 poems.  One of our September poems is printed below.   Please ask your child if they can recite/read it on their own.

Autumn Woods by: James S. Tippett

Autumn Woods

I like the woods

In Autumn

When dry leaves hide the ground,

When the trees are bare

And the wind sweeps by

With a lonesome rushing sound.

I can rustle the leaves

In autumn

And I can make a bed

In the thick dry leaves

That have fallen

From the bare trees



Kristin Wold About Kristin Wold

This is my 28th year teaching in Corbett. I am incredibly fortunate to have brilliant, energetic colleagues; creative, supportive administrators; and parents who over-whelmingly love partnering with the school to make the best possible opportunities for their kids. I have a great job.
Professionally, my passion is working with emergent readers. I strongly believe that our first priority in teaching reading is to get kids to love books. We need to introduce them to authors and topics they’ll love so they’ll seek out reading for pleasure.
Personally, I have been married for 30 years and have a 16-year-old daughter who attends Corbett. I enjoy traveling, hiking in the gorge, and studying Japanese.