January 17, 2018

Week of September 24th

Another week jam-packed with learning and fun! In addition to reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic, we visited Oxbow Park for a field study, practiced our plays, and completed our Native American codices. (Those who have not finished must turn them in on Monday.)

This morning, we practiced in the gym with our productions, rather than the classroom, for the first time. Everyone knows their lines quite well; they just need to project their voices. Usually, I am asking them to quiet down. Now, I need them all to raise their voices! I have asked all students to practice their lines at home this weekend, and to shout them to you across a large room.

We hope that you can come and see our three plays on Tuesday, October 2nd. Please arrive in the grade school gym at 2:40 p.m. for the 2:45 show. If you can’t make it on Tuesday, feel free to come on Monday at the same time for the dress rehearsal.

On Tuesday, we traveled to Oxbow Park for field study, led by folks from the Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership. We walked through the woods, looking and listening for evidence of residents. At the Sandy River, we searched the water for macro invertebrates (sometimes known as bugs). Be sure to find out what your child discovered. Also, take a look at https://picasaweb.google.com/100193003652266897653 for pictures of the trip. We concluded that the Sandy is a healthy stream.

I spent the first few weeks of the school year assessing spelling skills. Last week, as I hope you noticed, students were assigned spelling words. We have five groups of spellers at this point. Each Wednesday, groups will sort their spelling words by sound, spelling, or both. For instance, one group may sort words by beginning consonants. Another group will be listening for the vowel in each word, and sort by the short and long sounds. Still another group analyzes if there are spelling changes in a word when a suffix such as ing or ed is added. Words are then written on the current homework log.

New word cards come home each Wednesday. Please use these cards to help your child learn to read and spell each of his/her twenty words. You can sort the words at home, spell them with letters on the refrigerator, scramble and unscramble them, write them in sand, make up word puzzles, dance to the rhythm, or whatever else works. Students will be tested each Tuesday on ten of the words. Nobody but me knows which ten! Everyone should be able to accurately spell at least eight out of the ten.

Enjoy the last days of September!


  • Wednesday, October 3rd & Thursday, October 4th – Conferences
  • Tuesday, October 9th – Picture Day
  • Thursday, November 8th – End of First Trimester
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