January 19, 2018

Student Google Accounts (and link!)

All students in Corbett School District now have their own education student google account. This is a great tool (and saves many headaches for everyone involved) for getting school work completed and for communication. Students have their own logins and passwords. This account is limited to emailing students/teachers in the Corbett School District domain. However, students can access their account from any computer with internet access.  I am strongly encouraging students to use this as their only word processing software. It saves automatically, can be accessed from anywhere, and students can share files with me for editing. A great way for students to practice using this account is asking them to login and show you a couple features from their home computer. If home computer access is limited, the public library offers free access. If you have any questions about the account, please let me know.

To access the account, students need to go to:


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