February 21, 2018

Week 6 by Daphne Scott

This week in Mr. Leone’s class, we’ve continued writing our memoirs. Chapter 2 will include a story about an important person, animal or a meaningful outdoor experience we have had.   We are also creating illustrations for our “Where I’m From”  Poems. Rough drafts for memoirs are due Thursday, with polished drafts of this chapter due on Monday, October 8.

In Social Studies we’ve been getting in groups and reading segments of information about the original 13 colonies.   My favorite colony is New York!

To learn vocabulary words we are  sharing skits, charades, and doing pictionaries. Can you use the word ” Placid ” in a sentence?  If not, ask me. 🙂

We’ve also been talking about the rock cycle. The class have made comics of the rock cycle based on their journeys they took on our dice game.


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