February 19, 2018

Week 7 by JoJo Croak

This week in Mr. Leone’s class we are; watching videos about the history of America, and doing work during social studies to review what we’ve learned.

We are also working on our chapter 3 memoirs about an object that is special to us.  Along with our memoirs, we are learning about important elements of writing such as hooks, interesting non-cliche titles, and sensory details.  The due date for our final draft is Monday October 15.

In read aloud, we are reading The True Meaning of Smekday, an intriguing tale of a girl, her cat and an alien invasion.

In addition to that, we are drawing pictures of events leading up to the revolutionary war, such as the Declaration of Independence, the French and Indian war, and the Continentl Congress.

Also, we are doing a class project on what qualities a person needs to have to be fit for certain positions in authority.

All together, this week in Mr. Leone’s class has been fun and full of exciting and educational chances to learn.

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