February 23, 2018

Week of October 8th

It looks as if rain will be arriving soon, so enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! We managed to make it once more around the trail before our indoor p.e. season begins.

On Monday, Assistant Chief Phil Dearixon visited our room to discuss fire safety. The kids learned about fire extinguishers, and a couple of lucky young ladies earned the privilege of aiming, shooting, and sweeping to put out a fire! Thanks to Phil and the other firefighters for the visit and allowing us to tour the fire engine and rescue vehicle. Be sure to check out the Open House at the fire station on Saturday!

Each student in our class chose a favorite poem this week. They need to read, re-read, and work to memorize the verse. I have made two copies of each poem, so that one copy can stay at school and the other can remain at home. Recitations will be during the week of October 22nd. I expect fluency, expression, and appropriate volume. So practice, practice, practice!

We have begun a major writing project this week. We are researching specific environmental challenges faced by some Native American tribes. The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian has a super website (http://www.nmai.si.edu/environment/) where we can view videos and discover information about problems that the Akwesasne Mohawk, Campo Kumeyaay Nation, Leech Lake Ojibwe, and Lummi Nation are working to solve.

Students were assigned a tribe, and are working to create a feature article about the current problem. At this point, we have made notes about the people of these nations and their homelands. If students want to use pictures, maps, or diagrams from the website to accompany their article, they need to print those items at home. Every article will include visuals, but no more than half of them can be printed or copied from another source. (Students need to write down the source of anything that they copy.) Most of the visuals should be original creations from the students.

This is a long-term project, to be finished in early November. We are able to combine what we have been learning in  science, social studies, technology, art, and writing. Marvelous!

We have entered the Age of Discovery in social studies. See if your child can explain why explorers went searching, (They should know two reasonsEuropeans wanted spices, gold, and silk from Asia, so were looking for a sea route, and they wanted to convert the Muslims to Christianity.)

We drew names on Monday, and each child chose an explorer to research. I will provide some reference books, but students can find more information online or at the library. Students will post cards on our timeline telling of their explorers, draw their routes on our map, create biography cards, and give a speech to the class about the life, journeys, and accomplishments of their chosen men. This unit will also culminate in November.

As one of the students said, we are working on a lot of projects! It is vital that each student complete each assignment along the way, so that they are not overwhelmed at the end. Please check on progress regularly.

Thursday, November 8th – End of First Trimester
Monday, November 12th – Veterans’ Day Holiday
Friday, November 16th – School Day
Thursday, November 22nd – Sunday, November 25th – Thanksgiving Holiday
December 21st – January 6th – Winter Break!!!!

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