February 23, 2018

CHAMPS New Can & Bottle Drop

CHAMPS has a new location for their can and bottle drop!!  It’s a yellow Conex box behind Perfect Climate on Lucas Rd.  Please encourage family, friends, neighbors, and businesses to contribute.

Please note that all cans and bottles (only those recyclable in Oregon) can be dropped off at the new location on Lucas Rd. behind Perfect Climate starting today!!  The bin that holds the dropped off cans and bottles is on the backside of the Conex Box.

We will be posting signs soon, but for now there is an open sign in front of the Conex box that we are using.  Please spread the word that we are taking all Oregon recyclable cans and bottles dropped off at this new location.

CHAMPS is Corbett High School Association of Mamas and Papas of Seniors.  We raise funds all year long so that we can treat our seniors to an All Night Party following graduation.  What is wonderful about this group is it changes every year with new parents becoming a part of this fund raising effort.  It’s exciting that we can come together as a community, business, etc., and help to fund such a memorable party for these senior kids.

Unfortunately there are some cans and bottles that do not have deposits in Oregon so please make sure they have an Oregon deposit that we can collect, otherwise we have to pay to take them to a recycling/garbage facility.  Some of these that can not be recycled are: most sports drinks like Gatorade, Powerade, etc.

Thank You,


About Debbie Schneider

Debbie Schneider has been an employee of the Corbett School District since 2008. Currently a Business Office Assistant, she was previously the Middle School / High School Office Secretary. She enjoys volunteering with the Corbett Helping Hands Food Program and encouraging the local fine arts community.