January 19, 2018

Week 10 by Emily Rogers

It’s week 10 and everybody finished their book talks. We’re all excited to get our scores back!!!

This week we also finished our chapter six poems called Raised By… This poem is similar to our Where I’m From poem but not quite the same. We will also be working on putting our memoir chapters together and making a book out of it.  Remember to put the Author’s Cafe on your calendars (Nov. 15)

Also, 6th graders, outdoor school is coming up fast.  Don’t forget to start getting your packing list together. I know from experience from my sister, I am definitely bringing extra socks and shoes. It is most likely to be wet. While 6th graders are at outdoor school 7th and 8th graders are going on a field trip to Mirror Lake.

Mr. Leone is reading a book called Bad Boy by Walter Dean Myers. It is about a really tall African American who is really smart, but causes havoc with his classmates and trouble with his teachers in school.

This week we are also becoming constitutional scholars and learning about what the government can and cannot do, by reading the constitution. We have to pass a bar exam on Thursday. Wish me luck!!!

Meanwhile, I also have a superb vocabulary that sometimes makes me discombobulated and, at times, disconcerted.

Well that’s week 10 for ya’

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