February 21, 2018

Week 11 by Japheth Burton

This week in Mr. Leone’s class. I Japheth Burton, updated the blog on what we will be doing week 11 of the school year.

First, we will be finishing the construction of our memoirs. This challenge is an activity where we use all sorts of art tools like pastels or paint. Also, this week, the sixth grade students are at Outdoor School.   Mr.Lutes’ eighth and seventh grade students are in our class instead until the sixth graders get back from school on the next Tuesday.

Further on, we had a mock election this week. The results for that haven’t been revealed yet.  We  also discussed  the local ballot measures in Oregon and compared what the different arguments for and against the measures were.

We are also having an authors cafe on Thursday November 15.  I hope you come to see what our class has worked on in writing our memoir chapters.  Finally, We will be turning our chapters into a book of our memoirs. We will be reading a chapter from them in the authors caffe. And are looking forword to see you there.

That’s all. Have a nice day.

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