January 21, 2018

Week 15 by Sarah Clark ;)

It’s week 15 all ready!   It’s been going by fast. We have been looking at some artwork on the computer by Remington and Russell (19th century artists).  We observed them and wrote some interesting things down about them.  I drew “The Love Call”a picture of a Native American playing a flute alone. I have to say that I liked the art of Remington better.

We have also been studying different parts of the Human brain and further learning about what controls what.

Our class is also preparing for speeches next week. 8th graders will go on Tuesday, seventh graders plus Emily Croak and Kohl Cutler will go on Wednesday and 6th graders will go on Thursday.   Make sure your’e ready!  3-d models,placards and artwork are all due December 11.  If you’re going to make artwork inspired by the Remington/Russell artwork then your due date is on Thursday, your’e lucky .  Be sure to “get ‘er done”.

We’ve read a chapter on the westward expansion and we shared the key points, for the Manifest Destiny, Louisiana Purchase (mine), Florida, Texas, Oregon, and the War with Mexico.

The middle school dance is on Thursday, so get your dresses and suits and have fun!

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