January 17, 2018

Wednesday, December 12th – Springdale Expo

Hello everyone!

Coming up this week on Wednesday, December 12th we are having a Springdale Expo!

The primary and intermediate students have all been working hard to bring some holiday cheer to you as they show some of what they have been learning in music class.  Each class will have some special music presentations, as well as one song as a whole group.  Please have your child wearing a solid color shirt (no writing or pictures) and dark pants if possible, or something very close.  

The primary will present their songs first at 5:00, then the band will perform, and the last music pieces will be by the CAPS choir.  ALL INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS NEED TO BE IN THE  MUSIC ROOM BY 4:35 p.m. so they may get their instruments tuned and ready to go.  ALL PRIMARY STUDENTS NEED TO BE IN THE MUSIC ROOM BY 4:45 p.m.
We are excited to share our music with you and hope to see you at the Expo!
~Miss Berg
Now for the rest…
We will begin our EXPO at 4:30 and end around 7pm. There will be student performances on the stage from approx. 5pm – 5:45pm including music, a short primary Spanish act, and Mr. Phillips group.
From 5:45 – the end? Mr. Long’s class will be reading from their memoirs in the classroom next to my office.
All afternoon and evening, Mr. Long’s room will be open with a Movement Museum, the primary classroom will host a ‘Marketplace’ with projects students have made and are putting up for sale. In Mr. Phillip’s room, there will be a Living Colonial Museum after the stage performances. Ms. Steichen’s room will have a craft activity for parents and students.
Speaking of the craft activity, we have had a bunch of small rectangular baskets donated which will make great bases for holiday centerpieces. If you can donate some greens – holly, cedar, fir, etc. That would be greatly appreciated!! Bring them in Monday, Tues, or Wed. and we will store them in boxes until the 12th.
I look forward to seeing you all there!!
Lori Luna
Principal – CAPS at Springdale