February 21, 2018

Week 17 in Mr. Houck’s Class, by Sam Melchior

Every week one student in our class gets to sit out the super quiz and write the weekly update on our class.  This week’s update was done by 8th grader Sam Melchior.  Thanks, Sam!

This week in Mr. Houck’s class we finally wrapped up our westward expansion project. This massive assignment has consumed most of the last three weeks of class.

This week we worked on and completed our photo essays, in which photos are used to tell a story. Also Mr. Leone came into our class, while Mr. Houck went to Leone’s, and he assigned us self-portraits to do.

We’ve recently started a new read aloud book also, and we’re just getting to the good part, just as break starts…

On Thursday, we had our book group holidays, where we made up holidays based on the books we’ve just read.

We’ve also been writing holiday letters to another student in the class, a teacher or staff at the school, and one to someone we know outside of school. This week in Mr. Houck’s class has been a blast, but I can’t wait to leave and go on break!

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