February 19, 2018

Corbett Travel Club 2013!

Make incredible memories in 2013!  The Corbett Travel Club will be traveling to the Eastern Seaboard for eight days this June.  All students or former students from Corbett Middle School (main campus or Springdale) and their families are welcome to join us.  The itinerary  highlights include Independence Hall in Philadelphia, The U.S.S. Constitution in Boston, Revolutionary War sites in Lexington and Concord, the Statue of Liberty in New York City, and Washington D.C., including the White House, Capitol Building, Smithsonian, and monuments.  The tour reinforces our American studies curriculum:  students will actually experience first-hand what we’ve learned about in the classroom this year!  For further details, the full itinerary,  or to enroll in our tour, contact Mrs. Church (cchurch@corbet.k12.or.us)  at the middle school, or visit our web page at:  /www.eftours.com  and enter tour number: 1320707.  While there is still plenty of time to enroll in the tour, the lowest prices are guaranteed only until the end of December.   If you are interested in the tour, this is the best time to join.

About Carrie Church

Carrie Church loves teaching at Corbett Middle School. She has taught kids from pre-kindergarten through middle school, in almost all imaginable combinations. Before moving her family to Corbett, Carrie has lived in Alaska, Indiana, Michigan, and northern Italy. Carrie still loves to travel to new places and learn new things, and especially loves teaching science. She has three kids who attend Corbett School, goats and chickens, too much garden, and an indulgent husband.