February 20, 2018

January 24th

Hello Everyone,

Here is an update regarding happenings in Mr Lewis’ room.  During our gorge study time in December and January the students have learned about trees and birds of prey.  They will be dissecting owl pellets in the next few days.  During our time studying writing conventions students have worked on: placing in commas within in sentences; periods and question marks; capitalizing proper nouns; and how to correctly write about doing something with another person (Joe and I went to the store).  The younger developing readers in the room continue to work on phonics skills as well as learning short high frequency sight words. Some of the words they have studied in recent weeks include:  she, he, we, see, you, can, me and my.  We have studied about the following authors during December and January:  Bill Peet, Marc Brown and Tomie dePaola.  My math student are studying about geometric shapes and learning to figure out the area of a shape.  They are continuing to practice addition and subtraction facts daily.

Thank you,

Mr. Lewis