February 21, 2018

Week of January 21st

It has certainly been an odd week. Holiday weeks usually seem very long to me, but this one just flew by! It might have something to do with a delayed opening, early dismissal, and even a day off. However, the kids and I made up for it today, as we worked even harder than usual to squeeze in the maximum amount of learning into our school day.

Most students followed directions and completed a math lesson on Thursday while they were home. (I actually thought ahead and sent books home just in case!) If yesterday’s assignment was not completed for whatever reason, please make sure that it gets done over the weekend.

By Monday, each student needs to have chosen a specific biome for a special project. The choices include desert, grassland, tundra, three freshwater biomes, three marine biomes, and three forest biomes. Our early research included all twelve biomes. Next week, each student will specialize and gather more information. Students have an organizer on which to record their findings. A great website is http://www.mbgnet.net/ from the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

There will be several class periods next week in which to finalize research, create a visual project (such as diorama, poster, etc.), and prepare the speaking part. I will provide paper and school-type supplies as needed, but anything out of the ordinary should be brought from home. (Please don’t buy anything – kids should use items already available.)

Some work may need to be done at home. Practice for the presentation definitely needs to happen multiple times at home next week and weekend. Projects will be presented during the week of February 4th.

I hope that you received the flyer about the Power Station night out on Monday, January 28th. McMenamins will donate 50% of the evening sales to CAPS. Thanks for supporting our school district!

Please also see the information below about the Art Festival. You may want to encourage your child to create a masterpiece and exhibit it at the show.

I’m glad to report that my survey from last week’s newsletter proved that many of you read the post. Alas, I wish I could say that all of the parents did, but that did not prove to be the case. Thank you for reading each week!


  • Wednesday, February 13th – NAEP test for fourth graders
  • Monday, February 18th – Presidents’ Day Holiday
  • Friday, February 22nd – Friday School
  • Thursday, February 28th – End of Trimester Celebration
  • Tuesday, March 5th – Service project at Rooster Rock & gorge hike
  • Friday, March 15th – Fifth Grade Math is Cool Competition
  • March 22nd – March 31st – Spring Break!!!!
  • Tuesday, April 9th-Funky Monkey program 6:30 p.m. GS Gym
  • Friday, April 19th- Fourth Grade Math is Cool Competition

Corbett Student Art Festival

Corbett School District will be putting on an all school Student Art Festival on the evening of Friday March 1.  Featured art will be the creative work of elementary, middle, and high school students.  Works of art will be available for purchase by silent auction and a select few pieces will be actively auctioned.

The Festival is being put on by the Corbett High Communicare Team, a community service club at the High School.  Communicare is a program sponsored by the Harold and Arlene Schnitzer Care Foundation focused on helping students to learn about philanthropy and charitable giving in their communities.  The students are challenged to earn $500 on their own, and if they are successful, they earn a grant for $10,000 that they must allocate to non-profit organizations in their community.

This year the Communicare Team has chosen to support nonprofit community organizations focused on visual arts, performing arts and cinematography.  They decided to put on a Student Art Festival to celebrate the artistic achievements of their peers, while earning the privilege of distributing the Schnitzler Care Foundation grant.

February 21 is the deadline for artistic submissions.  Parents and community members can support the efforts of the Communicare Team by encouraging their students to submit works of art.  We will look forward to seeing all of you at the Festival on March 1.


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