February 21, 2018

The play of the game

This week has absolutely caught me off guard. On Monday I boldly predicted that this would be the year we would have NO snow or ice-related delays or school closures. I guess I called that one wrong!

On the upside, though, I had a wonderful Friday.

It started with a middle school field trip to the Evergreen Air and Space Museum and Waterpark. Mr. Neighbors has been working on setting this up for weeks. I got to tag along because I’m a nut for airplanes and spaceships. While I was there I learned that the first Cosmonauts (Soviet astronauts) actually jumped out of their space capsules at 10,000 feet altitude and parachuted to the ground. I also got an insider’s tour of the F-15 from Corbettite Brian James whose job it is to maintain these incredible machines for our National Guard forces.

I spent the evening watching Corbett basketball. The girl’s varsity team won easily over Clatskanie, so that was fun. The boy’s varsity game was an entirely different matter. After a difficult first quarter in which our guys only scored 4 points, the team rallied back. It was furious and incredible to watch. The game came down to a single shot from the baseline which hit the iron, bounced straight up, then down – outside of the hoop. Corbett lost the game by one point. It was a tough way to lose and I know the guys and fans were deflated, but, honestly . . . what a game!

I rushed from there and caught the last few minutes of Bye Bye Birdie, which was pulled off with the usual CCT quality and panache. I did drama all through high school and I’ve seen a lot of productions, but I never quite get over the things those CCT kids pull off.

My day ended just after 10, and I was exhausted . . . but what a fantastic day! There is so much about our school community that I cherish. Picking my favorite moment – my “play of the game” – is tough. The middle school kids were great on the field trip and the adult volunteers went above and beyond the call. I can’t say enough good things about the middle school staff. The drama kids, the student athletes, and the coaches all did an awesome job all around. How to pick?

From the many choices available, here is my favorite “play of the game”, and it actually was a play on the basket ball court – sort of. During the second half of the girl’s varsity basketball game there was a collision near the basket that sent a Clatskanie girl heavily to the floor. Megan Olsen was running to get back on defense, but when she saw the girl go down, Megan came back from almost half court and helped her up. In a single moment, Megan summed up the best part of the entire day for me. Sportsmanship – or the generous spirit that it embodies – was the best part of yesterday. I saw it everywhere I looked, in the actions of Corbett school kids and adults alike. What a terrific way to spend a day!

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