February 19, 2018

Facilites Steering Commitee Begins Three Month Process

Facilities Steering Committee to meet for their second meeting Thursday, February 28th at 6:00 in the Grade School Cafeteria.

Facilities Assessment Part 1 Rommel

Facilities Assessment Part 2 Rommel

Facilities Assessment Part 3 Rommel

Facilities Assessment Part 4 Rommel

Project Cost Estimates from Rommel

Steering Committee Meeting 1 Presentation


Tonight around 60 Corbett residents will kick off a series of meetings to examine our current facilities, dream about future facilities, and ultimately make a recommendation to the School Board in May as to the direction they believe our district should go with regard to facilities.  I want to thank each of the 60 people who have agreed to the series of 6 or so meetings over the next three months.  I know how precious evening time is for families and I really appreciate their willingness to give up free time to help with this process.

Tonight we will share the results of a professional facilities assessment that the district commissioned from The Rommel Architectural Partnership.   I am attaching those documents to this post so everyone has access to them.   This will be a long process where we work as a community to develop a plan to address the facility needs of our District.   Thanks to everyone who has agreed to serve on this important committee!

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