February 21, 2018

Week 26 by Maddy Heidegger

     This week in Mr. Leone’s class we continue studying the Civil War. This includes: dispatches, destiny dice, journal entries, and combat cards. We finished the writing portion of our four part journey learning about the Civil War. The visuals were due March 4th and presented March 5th to our classmates. They all looked great. Our group presentations are due Tuesday March 12 and presented March 14.  Our speeches are March 11-13 but if you happen to miss your date to speak then you can make up for it March 14.

     February 27 was the Corbett school space museum. Most thought it was a big success. And a pretty big deal. All the exhibits looked great and the kids looked like they really liked looking around and playing with the ones they got too. All the parents that came after school thought they were really interesting and enjoyed playing with them as much as the kids did. Good job to everyone that was in the museum!

     We are continuing reading Enders Game by Orson Scott Card. We have a goal to finish the book by spring break which starts March 21. We have fourteen days till spring break and more than a hundred pages to go. But we will finish it. Because we have a strategy (yeah!).

Also, students are currently in a book group.  Ask your child about their book.  Our culminating activity will be a Civil War variety show; we’ll reenact a scene from our book and perform it for the whole school.   I wish I could tell you all of the awesome things we do in Mr. Leone’s class but it would take me the rest of my life!  So that’s all for now…

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