February 21, 2018


You should know that we have been studying The Civil War for a long time. Unfortunately, this week we are almost finished up  learning about The Civil War.   After Spring Break we will begin to learn about the reconstruction after the the Cilvi War.  It was very smart of Mr.Leone to tie in vocabulary  with  the Civil War.  While we were writing in our daily dispatches  we wrote in vocabulary  words that people used  in The Civil War too. At the end of the week our class makes a fun way to refresh all what learned  about The Civli War we play a nice friendly game of jeopardy .

We have been put into  book groups about The Civil War. Then next week (the week before spring break) all of the book groups are putting on a 5-10 min variety show about the book.  The variety show should have props and costumes  All students are memorizing lines. Its just a fun idea of ending our week and starting spring break.

Mr.Leone is reading aloud Enders Game by Orson Scottcard. A fiction book that is 324 pages long. Its about a 6 year old named Ender Wiggin  being smarter than the average adult. Earths under attack by an alien species  Who will help save  man kind?  They all turn to Ender Wiggin. Right now whats going on is that Ender is in the Army…. then over time Ender becomes a Commander of his own army. His Army has faced   7 battles and have won 7 out of 7. Conflict rises.   Thats week 27!!

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