February 19, 2018

Week of March 11th

On Monday,  we hosted several special guests in our room. Tippy from the Oregon Zoo introduced us to four local creatures, explained some of their characteristics and adaptations, and allowed us close-up views. The saw-whet owl was my favorite, but others preferred the red-tailed  hawk. Some liked the rat best, or even the snake!

This classroom visit, along with the school assembly last week, kicked off our unit on birds of prey. We spent some time on Tuesday trying to flap our arms as fast as birds beat their wings. We managed to maintain the crow’s pace, and even the owl’s, but were unable to keep them up for very long.  No one could match the tiny hummingbird’s!

Most students were part of a book group during the past two weeks. Assigned books should be completed this weekend, if they were not finished already. Final discussions will occur on Monday. Remember our goal of four hours or more of reading each week. Read and record it!

In social studies, we have moved on to our final unit, about our government. We analyzed the Declaration of Independence and investigated the Articles of Confederation. Now, we are taking a look at the Constitution.

Progress reports went home yesterday. Be sure to ask if you haven’t seen one yet.


  • Friday, March 15th – Fifth Grade Math is Cool Competition
  • March 22nd – March 31st – Spring Break!!!!
  • Tuesday, April 9th-Funky Monkey program 6:30 p.m. GS Gym
  • Thursday, April 11th – Jogathon 3 p.m.
  • Friday, April 19th- Fourth Grade Math is Cool Competition
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