January 21, 2018

Week of March 18th

Spring just can’t make up its mind! I sat through a very cold, wet, and windy hour watching the varsity baseball team shiver through the first inning on Tuesday before the game was finally called due to inclement weather. The next day, we had gorgeous sun breaks followed by ominous clouds. Hopefully, next week will include more sun than rain!

We are continuing our study of the early government of our country. We have compared the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. Yesterday, we attempted to interpret the meaning of the Preamble of the Constitution. I have sent home a puzzle to help the students memorize this important paragraph. This is an optional activity. Extra points will be awarded to those who can recite it in front of the class when we return from vacation.

Congratulations to our fifth grade math team! Eleven Corbett students competed last Friday in the Math is Cool competition at Skyview High School in Vancouver. We earned third place out of seven schools in our division. Megan, Prestley, and Alyssa from our class contributed to the victory. Great job, ladies!

I hear that many of you struggled with our problem solving homework last night. It’s good to learn that the assignment was challenging for all!

The Easter bunny is on his way! Please see http://corbett.k12.or.us/2013/03/14/community-easter-egg-hunt-benefit/ for details about a fundraiser to support one of our preschoolers and her family.

Check out http://gregtangmath.com/ for some fast paced math games to encourage fact practice. You don’t need to subscribe to the site, as some of the levels are free.

Enjoy your spring break! Please be sure that your kids read, learn spelling words, and complete assigned math. After all, we have a lot left to learn this year and only nine more weeks of school. Oh, my!


  • March 22nd – March 31st – Spring Break!!!!
  • Tuesday, April 9th-Funky Monkey program 6:30 p.m. GS Gym
  • Thursday, April 11th – Jogathon 3 p.m.
  • Friday, April 19th- Fourth Grade Math is Cool Competition
  • Week of May 20th – FIVE DAY SCHOOL WEEK
  • Monday, May 27th – Memorial Day Holiday
  • Friday, May 31st – Last Day of School – HALF DAY
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