January 21, 2018

Week 29 by…. Ashlyn Barreras:P

Hey guys its Ashlyn, Our class has been awesome this year and we just got back from….Spring Break!!!  This week we have been laying low with home work stuff:)

Although we do have this cool poem  and collage assignment we are doing called ‘Tuning’.  We took the book we read over break and were asked to  imagine if the book could have smells or sound or even light, what it would be like.   We turned it into a poem with lots of sensory details.  We finished those on Tuesday, and our collage’s are due today. Its been fun!

For our read aloud book…..’Enders Game’. Wow this week has been really confusing but its gotten really good.  Ender destroyed all the buggers, without even knowing! Wow, confusing but we are practically done with the book, and we will be starting a new read aloud book soon:)

We are still watching stuff on the human brain, but guess what kind of brain we looked at this week…… The Teenage brain so we talked about how the teen brain can get damaged by doing things like drugs or even drinking alcohol… Scary!!!!!! I cant wait to learn more about the human brain next week!

And for the 8th Grade speeches, we had awesome one’s this week and next week we have Maddy and Angelina doing their speeches, Good Luck!!!!!!!


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