February 23, 2018

April 11th Trillium Room

Dear families, April 11, 2013
We are studying practically everything that has to do with springtime right now. We have brassica plants developing their “real” leaves; grass sprouting; mint plants rooting from stems; pictures of native wildflowers all around; carnations changing color before our eyes; butterfly larvae growing; information about bees buzzing all
around the room. It’s a great way to study in-depth everything involving plant/animal lifecycle and the pollination process. All of this will enhance 3 (yes, THREE) upcoming field trips. For ease of paperwork, the permission slips for all 3 will be combined into one document, which you will receive on Monday. Please look for it and return it immediately. As always, part-time kindergarteners are
encouraged to join every field trip, regardless of the time-slot.
This week was the annual jog-a-thon. The Trillium Room was definitely over-represented when it came to parent volunteers. Have we ever told you how wonderful you are? Thank you for making this fundraiser a huge success and a lot of fun.
Next Tuesday is our music program. We expect to see all of you (actually just the kids) in the classroom at 6:15 dressed as a farmer. Please do not drop them off before 6:15, as we will unlock the doors at 6:14 (OK, one minute of grace).
The other super exciting event next week is the Lost-and-Found cleanout. On Thursday morning, everything from lost-and-found will be strewn around the gym (picture your child’s room times 10). In the afternoon, everything that has not been claimed will be bagged up for charity. If you think your child has lost yet another very expensive winter coat, please stop by Thursday to look for yourself. We will
walk the kids through, but they don’t always recognize their own clothing.
Please check the website for pictures of all of the great stuff growing in our classroom. Ms. Belesiotis is posting it soon.

Kristin Wold About Kristin Wold

This is my 28th year teaching in Corbett. I am incredibly fortunate to have brilliant, energetic colleagues; creative, supportive administrators; and parents who over-whelmingly love partnering with the school to make the best possible opportunities for their kids. I have a great job.
Professionally, my passion is working with emergent readers. I strongly believe that our first priority in teaching reading is to get kids to love books. We need to introduce them to authors and topics they’ll love so they’ll seek out reading for pleasure.
Personally, I have been married for 30 years and have a 16-year-old daughter who attends Corbett. I enjoy traveling, hiking in the gorge, and studying Japanese.