February 20, 2018

Week 30 by Heidi Heuker

Its week 30 already, can you believe that we only have a couple of weeks left?!  This week we have talked about the teenage brain. We did many activities for the teenage brain, we watched a movie, played a short term memory game and we made cereal box’s.  Cereal box’s were something we got to do with our table group. We picked a topic that affected our brains and talk about it on a cereal box.

We also started our next big social studies topic: Reconstruction. We will get our assignment next week.  During our start of the Reconstruction we took this Louisiana voting test, which was a biased test designed to prevent African Americans from voting.  Not fair!  Also we started the KKK trials.  Mr. Leone divided the class into different groups to defend them and prosecute them.

And of course there were eighth grade speeches this week too.   A lot of people went.  I cant even name them all, but  I do know that Angelina and Maddy did their speech this week.  They are both people from our class and they did great!!!

Something else we did was Time Management, this was a sheet of paper that we are filling out that shows us what we did during the week. Next week we will compare them to everybody’s in the class room. But you will hear about more about that next week.  So tune in back next week and see what we did.

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