February 20, 2018

Week of April 15th

Most folks had a wonderful time at Donkey Basketball last night. It was great to see so many of you there! Your support helps CHAMPS to fund the senior all-night party.

I have been reading aloud to the class a memoir from Peg Kehret, a prolific author who lives near Mt. Rainier. It’s an interesting account of her path to becoming a writer. She has written dozens of books for kids, including mysteries, adventures, suspense, historical fiction, and true stories. Many of the kids are independently reading some of her books. When I asked who would rate their chosen book a 10/10, almost half the hands went up! You can visit her website at http://www.pegkehret.com/. Many of her books are great family read-alouds!

Most students have finished two of the Parker family adventure series about the national parks. We are currently writing persuasive papers or letters to convince the reader of the best park to visit. Some of the letters are addressed to parents, so expect  input on summer vacation plans in the next couple of weeks!

As I mentioned last week, our study of the constitution has included a game called Pocket Law Firm. It is an excellent means of learning and understanding the Bill of Rights. You can download Pocket Law for iPads for free from the app store, or play it on the computer by visiting http://www.icivics.org/games. On the website, the game is known as Do I Have a Right? I encourage you to play it as a family!

There are many quality games on that iCivics website, including Argument Wars, which we tried out as a class this week. The game introduced us to a previous Supreme Court case, and required us to present arguments and support our case by citing constitutional rights. Work with your kids and I guarantee that you will learn something too.

Please save 2 liter bottles for us. We need several for our rocket design project at the end of May.

If you haven’t already sent in any of the papers listed below, please return them early next week. Thanks!

  • Jogathon pledges
  • Field study permission slip
  • Home language survey


  • Friday, April 19th- Fourth Grade Math is Cool Competition
  • Tuesday, May 7th – Field Study at Rowena (8:15 a.m. to 3:00 ish)
  • Wednesday, May 8th – Field Study at Bridal Veil Park (8:05 a.m. to 10:30 ish)
  • Week of May 20th – FIVE DAY SCHOOL WEEK
  • Monday, May 27th – Memorial Day Holiday
  • Wednesday, May 29th – Portfolio Night
  • Friday, May 31st – Last Day of School – HALF DAY
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