January 17, 2018

Week 34 by Pete Wilson

This week  in class we started to work on our visuals for our Reconstruction project. Instead of making a 3D object, we are going to make stop motion pictures on the IPads. there are two apps that we are using, Mycreate and Toontastic. Mycreate is where you take a bunch of pictures and play them together to make a movie clip. Toontastic is where you draw a background then add characters or even make the  characters.

We are also making puppet shows for the group part in the Reconstruction assignment, but we are also using Westward Expansion and Civil War topics.  I like that because it helps remember what we did before. We have to decide what the puppets do then we have to make them.

Here is a for the guide being used by students for the puppet show: PuppetShowPlanningGuide

We finished Star Girl, which was a very good book, and started a new book called Al Capone Does My Shirts. I really like it so far. It is about a kid named Matthew, who likes to be called Moose, that lives near a very dangerous prison because his dad works there. He also has a sister named Natalie. They always were supposed to stay away from the prison, but a girl showed up at their house and said that she will show them around. I could kind of tell that she annoyed him. That is were Mr. Leone left off. I really want to get farther next week.

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