January 21, 2018

Week 2 Dominated!-Bryce McKenney

Hey! Week 2 was killer. We learned a lot, while having fun at the same time. Today was our first field trip to Buck Creek, about 15 minutes from the school. It was super fun! It was perfect weather in my opinion; nice and cloudy, with just a tiny bit of mist. It was muddy and wet, but Leone’s class rocked it and didn’t even care. We learned about the riparian zones, which are the pieces of land on either side of a river. We learned about what makes a river healthy, and vice versa. We learned about the riffles, the meanders, and obstructions that may occur in a river.

We started a writing piece inspired by a poem called A Martian Sends a Postcard Home.  We basically describe an object as if it were unknown. We pretend that we came from Mars, and we write a postcard to home explaining what that object is. It’s actually kind of hard. But it’s really cool to listen to them. We try to use as much metaphors and personifications as possible, while at the same time using lots of descriptive details.

This year in school, one of our main focus’ is going to be the medieval times and the Renaissance a. In order to fully understand that era, we need to first spend some time learning about world religions. This week we focused on Judaism. We read a cool story called “The Lottery”. It doesn’t have anything to do with the modern lottery, just to let you know. We also watched a cool video explaining everything about Judaism. We took notes, and now we are smarter about Judaism! We also did some more vocabulary words, as we do always. Some of these words include “placate”, “heirloom”, “extol”, and “ornithologist”. Overall, we had a really fun week. Next week, we learn about Christianity, and we take another trip up to Buck Creek, to learn more about rivers and such. Bryce out.

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