January 17, 2018

Week of September 2nd

What a wonderful week! Everyone seems to have adjusted to being back at school, and we have accomplished quite a bit during the last few days.

Students are reading from books of their own choosing for at least a half hour a day. (Remember that they should read an additional 15 minutes daily at home; thirty minutes a day on the weekends.) We also delved into our September issue of the National Geographic Explorer magazine, and learned about colorful animals, the rain forest, and the underwater lab Aquarius. While reading, we investigated the use of features which add to the text, such as subheadings, maps, graphics, and captions.

In writing, we continued to write short, small moment narrative stories. Our next step is choosing a favorite one and developing it to be the best it can be. We will be working on that for the next two weeks. Please be on the lookout for more memorable moments, and remind your child to add them to their list of writing topics.

We spent the afternoons this week with Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula, an Aboriginal artist from Australia. We analyzed some of his art, and endeavored to create new paintings in his style. Check out the hall in a week to see the marvelous artwork.

Twice a week, your child has a few minutes at the beginning of the school day to practice keyboarding skills. It would be extremely helpful if they could work more at home. Simply log in at http://www.typingweb.com/tutor/. Each child has a free account, tied in to my teacher portal. Progress is saved, so they can just jump right in where they left off last time. Our goal is for all new typists to reach ten words per minute by the end of the year, and returning students to make it to twenty wpm.

Everyone should have brought home a labeled map of the seven continents today. The names and locations should be learned over the next two weeks. Please work with your child until they are mastered.

Lastly, make sure that you have read yesterday’s message about the overnight field study. Contact me if your questions were not answered by the info page. Remember to take care of any medication issues, the suggested donation of $15, and any change of plans by Monday.

Thank you,

Susan Handy

PS-Please contact me if you have not yet signed up for a fifteen minute parent-teacher-student conference. Let me know which date (October 2nd or October 3rd) and which time period (4-6 p.m. or 6-8p.m.) will work for you.


  • September 11th-12th – Overnight Field Study Trip
  • October 2nd and 3rd – Conferences
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