January 21, 2018

Weekly Update 9/3-9/6

Well… I forgot what I was doing…and just gave everyone a super quiz on Friday.  From this point forward, our weekly updates will be student generated.  One lucky 7th grader will get to publish their writing here in lieu of the super quiz.

It was a busy week!  We wrapped up our first writing/art project and the finished projects are up on the walls!  Students created a 100 word mandala and then crafted a poem in two-voices with a classmate.  The end result is really cool.  We began our life science studies, talking about the characteristics of a healthy stream and then tested our knowledge, in the pouring rain, at Buck Creek.  We also kicked off our World Religions unit with an in-depth discussion of the Jewish faith.  Students asked valuable questions and made astute observations throughout the week – I’m excited to see where their engaged thinking and learning takes us in the coming weeks.

Permission slips came home on Friday for our up-coming overnight field trip.  Students need to return BOTH the green school permission slip and the white liability release from Camp Dakota NO LATER than September 19th.  We are in need of chaperones.  If you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible via email or a note on the back of the permission slip.

Reminders: We are fully engaged in physical education – students MUST dress down for PE.  They should wear athletic shorts and a black or red t-shirt.  Additionally, students need to wear athletic shoes with non-marking soles.  And, it was WET this week – an excellent taste of the potential weather at Buck Creek.  Please help your student prepare for the weather with appropriate footwear and outerwear.  It’s miserable to sit through the rest of the day (we go to Buck Creek at 8:20 AM on Thursdays) in wet clothes.

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