February 19, 2018

Week 3 by, Ashlyn Barreras!!! :)


 This week in Mr.Leone’s class, we have been working on our ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ stories, sketching the main character of our story on paper, and than were going to paint it with watercolors!!!   There is a plot sheet that maps out the many directions our story can go in.  Everyone needs to have it ready by Monday!   The things you need for Monday are:  Character Sketch and Plot Sheet filled out so you can start writing your story.
We’ve also been doing a fun project called ‘Young Me Now Me’, Which is where you find a picture of when you were younger and recreate it of you now, its been super fun so far but not every one has brought in there pictures 🙁 we only have nine people who did theirs and we would really like to see some more cute pictures up on the board, so please make sure to get the rest in by Monday 🙂
  Also we have been learning a lot on religion and will be learning more next week! This week we learned about Christianity.  It’s been super fun! I’m so excited to learn more about the different religions and traditions!
 Finally, There is an overnight field trip coming up on the 25 and 26th of this month! It’s going to be FUN!!!!! All we need is for you to bring in your permission slips and $25 if you want to go!
   Thanks! Love ya
As Bryce said in his blog update,
Ashlyn Out! 😀
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