February 19, 2018

FAQ’s and More – Detailed Description of the Corbett School Bond

What are the specifics of the Corbett School Bond?

Middle School: Replace this seismically unsafe 90-year old structure with a new, two-story, energy efficient building of approximately 22,000 sq. ft. This building is rated “dangerous” according to the current building code (FEMA 178-1992). It lacks fire rated corridors, fire sprinklers and has several handicapped access (ADA) deficiencies. The new structure would have approximately nine flexible classroom spaces, each about 800 sq. ft., with a dedicated art classroom. It will include energy efficient electrical and mechanical systems, utilize natural ventilation, day lighting in the classrooms, and computer access throughout. (approximately $5-6 million)

Gym: Seismically upgrade the 1954 portion to structurally connect the roof to the walls. Renovate the restrooms to address ADA deficiencies. In the 1970 Addition, upgrade plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems to improve energy efficiencies. Renovate the existing weight room into three STEM classrooms. Add approximately 8,000 sq. ft. to the rear of the building to provide ADA access to the lower level and Locker Rooms. Add space to the Girl’s Locker Room equal to the Boy’s Locker Room. On the main floor add two new science labs, a competitive basketball floor and stage for presentations on the upper level and a weight room and fitness center for students on the lower level. (approximately $5.2 –6.5 million)

Multi-Purpose Building: For seismic safety, remodel the east wall where the roof diaphragm is not connected to the walls below. (approximately $0.3-0.4 million)

High School Building: Convert all the door hardware and knobs to lever-type handles to address ADA deficiencies. (approximately $0.1-0.2 million)

Bus Barn: Relocate to the west side of campus. The facility is too small to service the District’s current fleet of busses. Relocation would also increase student safety by better separating bus and car traffic during a.m./p.m. student pick-up and would provide for approximately 100 additional parking spaces to ease traffic congestion on the Highway. Some operating costs could also be reduced by eliminating the amount of time bus drivers need to wait with their vehicles before returning to the bus parking area after student pick-up/drop-off. (approximately $0.6 million)

ServPro Building: The District is examining the possible purchase of the land and 12,000 sq. ft. building for district administrative offices and additional storage space for district educational materials, student records and athletic gear. The property can be obtained at a discount to new construction costs ($60/sq. ft. v. $200-250/sq. ft.) and is located adjacent to two properties the district already owns across the street from the main campus. (approximately $0.7 million)

Other: If funds are available after the completion of all the projects, the District may also contribute to the cost of constructing a new track, if private fundraising is also solicited and obtained.

Does the Bond Replace an Expiring Bond? Yes, this bond would replace the expiring 1994 elementary school bond.

Bond Cost Estimate: The bond is estimated to cost tax payers $2.29 per thousand of assessed value. During the 2012-2013 tax year the cost for the expiring grade school bond was $2.20 per thousand of assessed value. By comparison the average rate, since 1991, on the 1994 school bond that built the elementary school has been $2.58 per thousand.

About Vanessa Knight

Vanessa Knight has worked for Corbett School District since 2011. She is currently a teacher on special assignment working as a college coach and as the district's communication coordinator. She lives in Corbett with her three sons.