February 23, 2018

Dinosaurs, Sensory Tables, Sharing, and More

Hello All!  Tiffany from the preschool here to update you about our adventures.  We began our year with a dinosaur science theme: making tiny worlds with tiny plastic dinosaurs, hunting for fossils in sand, and (most recently) exploring dinosaur footprints with paint.  We’re looking forward to what else dinosaurs have in store for us this month, and can’t wait for our mother-load of dinosaur library books to come in!


Another exciting new development in our room is the arrival of our new sensory bin (or “touch table” as we call it in the classroom).  This is a great station that we open at choice time for a chance to explore some unusual materials.  It is also especially great for getting messy, learning about measurement, and exploring using our senses.  We currently have sand and water in there, who knows what it will be next!  We also want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Guy Cook (Ms. Tiffany’s dad) for making us this beautiful table!

Some other exciting things happening in the preschool are:

  • We’ve received loads of playdough to mix, squish, and flatten into all sorts of creations.  Thank you to our dedicated playdough families for making it happen!
  • We busted out the hot glue guns for an exciting creation station at art studio.  Loads of inspiring preschool curriculums encourage students as young as 3 to learn how to respect a tool like a hot glue gun (all of ours are low-temp).  So far we have made all sorts of creations!
  • We began our daily classroom jobs routine, where about half of the kids get a special job each day.  This is similar to our ‘star helper’ of last year, but more kids get to join in on the fun!  Our most popular jobs so far are the ‘electrician’ (who turns the lights on and off for the teachers) and the ‘zoologist’ (who feeds Magic the bunny).
  • We’ve been practicing using our classroom tools like glue sticks, glue bottles, and scissors safely and correctly to gear up for fun to come!

Last but not least, Thursday is our first sharing day.  If your child is at school on Thursday and would like to participate in sharing, please send them prepared with one item.

Thanks, and have a great week,

Ms. Tiffany


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