January 19, 2018

First Post for 2013-2014

Hi this is Alex T. with the first blog entry in our class, here is what we are doing in class.
The book Mr. Neighbors is reading is The House of The Scorpion, by Nancy Farmer.The story is about a boy named Matt and he is trying to find out if he is El Patrón’s clone or a real boy. He is in love with a girl named Maria.
In Science, we are learning about important parts of living cells. Everyone is making cell models we all have different metaphors for all of the cell parts.
We just finished creating covers for our writing notebooks in the style of “the two Fridas” by Frida Kahlo.
CRAFTERNOON is a Friday afternoon activity for all of CAPS, basically arts and crafts. The whole school participates in each teacher features a different art project. On Wednesday we had LIMBO contest a grade schooler won because, come on they are small.
This Wednesday we are going to camp in the Springdale garden hang out and have fun.
So we are doing fine and thanks for reading. Neighbors class will write again.

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