February 21, 2018

…Week 4 by Heidi Heuker

Well, its all ready week 4, hasn’t it gone by fast? This week has been a blast.   We just finished studying another major world religion:  Islam.  It was great and we are going on a over night field trip next week, September 25.  We’re going to go to an abbey, and  some different churches so we can hear about Christianity.  I hope all of you guys can come.

Also, we have been going to Buck Creek every Thursday.  This week we have been learning about macro invertebrates which is super  cool and we are going use a dichotomous key to identify them.

Something eles we have been focusing on a lot is our Choose Your own Adventure story.  These are really cool because you take your plot and you have to come up with different ideas to make the story go in different directions.  Most of us have all ready done our intros and turned them in to Mr. Leone.

Every day after math we come back in and Mr. Leone will read us our read a loud book which is called Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, this is a great book!

Conferences are coming up!  I hope your student has given you the slip of paper so you can book one. These conferences are October 1 and 2. Its been a great week , check in next week for more details!!

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