February 19, 2018

Week of September 23rd

Another interesting week of school! Our students from Room 9 rotated to Mr. Blanc’s room this week for art. Mrs. Burda, his substitute, presented the art of M. C. Escher, and everyone worked on a tessellation project. Meanwhile, I taught the Loeung/Dolkas group about Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula, the Australian Aboriginal artist. By winter break, the students will have experienced five different artists and created works of art in various media.

Poems will be presented next week. Each student should already have a copy of his/her chosen verse at home.Remember that it doesn’t need to be memorized, but multiple practices are necessary in order to recite the poems fluently. Kids volunteered for either Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday. We’re looking for expressive, fluent, loud, and clear poems!

First spelling test was on Tuesday. You should have seen the result. New words were assigned on Wednesday. Students sorted the words in class to call attention to spelling and/or sound patterns. Word cards should be kept at home as a study aid. The words are also written on the green homework log. Next test on Tuesday!

Students took the continent/ocean test this afternoon. Though I have not had a chance to score them yet, many students were certain that they correctly identified all of them. Look for the tests to come home on Monday. Anyone who did not do well should continue to practice and learn all seven continents and five oceans. When they have mastered them, they can ask me for a quiz to prove it.

Finally, a huge thank you to those parents who have committed to helping out in the classroom each week. Your dedication makes a big difference in our classroom community! We also thank all of you who help out at home and send your children to school eager to learn!

I will see you next week at conferences!

Susan Handy




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