February 19, 2018

Field Trips, Goal Setting Conferences, and General Information…

Hello everyone!

I had a great time this week.  We visited the Mt. Angel Monastery, Oregon Gardens, and did the ropes course at Camp Dakota.  I  counted about twenty students whose name I learned on this field trip.  I feel great about our community and cannot wait to tackle the rest of the year!  Parents, please know there is an assignment with written instructions for any student who was unable to attend the field trip.

As hard as it is to believe, we are starting week 6 this Monday.  Goal setting conferences are this Tuesday and Wednesday October 1 and 2.  We will meet (students too) for fifteen minutes to make a plan for the year and address any questions or concerns we have at this point.  I have only about half of my parents/guardians signed up, so please be in touch so we can get on the same page.  I am happy to meet on another day if Tuesday and Wednesday do not work for you.

Your student should be bringing home their chapter book from school and reading every night at home for a half hour.  Please check in regarding math too.  Every student, no matter who their math teacher is, should be bringing their math book home daily and passing one test a week.  Ask your student about their math scores.  For writing, students are creating a Chose Your Own Adventure story.  Students have created multiple plots, characters, and done several writing activities to facilitate the use of sensory details and dialogue in their story.  The typed, one page introduction to this story is due Monday.  It is a huge help when you read their work and give them feedback.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone next week!



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