February 19, 2018

World Religion Project

Religion Research Unit

In an effort to better understand the religions of the world and to be more informed during our future studies of the middle ages and the Renaissance, we will conduct research about world religions.


You may choose three religions and compare one aspect of religion as it relates to each, or you may choose one religion and look at three different aspects of it. You will begin the process by conducting research and assembling a bibliography.


I would prefer if you researched one of the five major religions of the world (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism), but if you are completely consumed with researching another religion, arrangements can be made for you to do so.


Some ideas for aspects of religions include: festivals, prophets, holy books, core beliefs, important foods, symbols, etc.


You will show what you have learned by formulating an over-riding statement (thesis) that is supported by the body of an informative pamphlet. You will also deliver a formal speech about your topic and create a bibliography to reflect your research.


Due: 10/8 — The bibliography (10 pts.) should be word processed in the correct MLA form and should include at least five sources – three of which are books.


Due: 10/14 — The pamphlet (worth 20 pts.) should:

  • be well polished and artfully assembled
  • include a balance of graphics or pictures and writing (not too much or too little of either)
  • include a hook, introduction, conclusion, and a balanced body
  • be free of grammatical and mechanical errors and reflect strong research and intelligent thought.



Due 10/21-10/24 — The speech (20 pts.) will be scored using the standard speech scoring rubric. Speech must be 2-5 minutes long.


As you can see, the entire project is worth 50 points. Make wise choices and budget your time well. Have fun!




About Brian Lutes

Brian Lutes is a veteran Corbett teacher who loves his job. His favorite thing about working at Corbett Middle School is that he gets to have students for three years. This allows for strong relationships and great memories. He also loves his wife, twin daughters, parents, chihuahuas, and being in the outdoors.