February 23, 2018

Sweet,Savory week six – by Ethan Dentler

Hello everyone! Ethan here bringing you guys, a recap for this week!

This week we learned about a new religion, Hinduism. Hinduism  is a very interesting religion based around a whole bunch of deities, and a main god named Brahman. The religion is based in India, and has sparked ideas for different religions such as Buddhism. We learned about what they eat, their main figures, their main religious figures, and so forth. It has been really cool learning about these new religions, each week.

Also this week, Thursday we went to Buck Creek and identified plants using dichotomous keys. It was really fun being to be able to figure out all these plants out just by using a little sheet. We had some troubles with some plants, but it turned out fine in the end. I’m sure we’ll be leaving with some knowledge, of the plants we see in the woods in the coming weeks. By the end of these trips to Buck Creek,we’ll be experts on plant life, by then.

We are also doing Choose Your Own Adventure stories. C.Y.O.A. stories are really cool to read, especially some of the  stories being made in our own class room! Though some stories right now maybe rough around the edges, in the coming weeks they’ll be just fine. Also parents remind your student about this. Rough drafts for the C.Y.O.A. stories are dues October 10th. The final draft is due a week after that, on October 17th. On a side note,    we are also doing art projects for the stories. They are looking very good for this early on.

Well thats all! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

– Ethan

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