February 23, 2018

FAQ’s and More – How am I Going to Pay for College? Financial Aid Night!

Wednesday, October 16th is College Financial Aid Night.  High school students and their parents are invited to come hear Tracy Marshall, a financial aid advisor, speak on the in’s and out’s of college financial aid.  She will be speaking in the grade school cafeteria twice that evening, at 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm.  Parents can choose a time that best works for their schedule.  Because Wednesday is also High School Conference Night, parents can meet with their children’s teachers and attend the Financial Aid Presentation that same evening.  A question / answer period will occur at the end of both presentations.


About Vanessa Knight

Vanessa Knight has worked for Corbett School District since 2011. She is currently a teacher on special assignment working as a college coach and as the district's communication coordinator. She lives in Corbett with her three sons.