February 23, 2018

Weekly Update 9/9 – 9/12

Well, this week we have done tons of important and fun things! We have done young me old me photo recreations, we have started studying the islamic faith, we have started talking about plots and keys to writing a good story. We have also learned about choose your own adventure stories and the class will be making their own soon!

The young me old me photos are where you find a photo of your “younger days” and recreate it now. They all turned out wonderful and so cute!!! As you know, the school has been studying the five major world religions and this week we started to talk about the Islamic faith. Learning about the religions will be a fun and interesting unit to study! We have also been talking about the plot to a story. The intro, the rising action, the climax, the falling action and the conclusion (or in French,, the denoument). The choose your own adventure stories are going to be fun. We talked about the branch you make for it and the ways you can make, end or loop your stories.

Just a reminder! We still need permission slips for Camp Dakota! It’s twenty-five dollars per child and if you need financial help please contact Ms.Hubler. Also, photo retakes are on Monday September sixteenth!

By Lindsey Flegel


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