February 21, 2018

What a Wonderful Week 7 – By Rosie Wright

This week was great, we have done some cool things.  We learned about western European geography. Did you know that there is a country called Liechtenstein and on a map it is the same size as this 0? We are learning the capitals as well, like Germany’s capital is Berlin.

In the read aloud we have discovered some interesting information about Jacob, HE’S A PecUlIaR too!

We went to Buck Creek yesterday with Mr.Houck’s class and played some really cool and fun games. We played a game where you blind fold someone and take them on a trail to a tree.   You take the same way back, untie the blind fold and they have to go find their tree. Almost everyone found theirs. Then we went around taking the coolest pictures we could take.   We are entering them in a contest to win a prize next week!

We have finished our C.Y.O.A stories.  They are in a rough draft; we will completely polish and turn them in next week on 10/17.

We have finished world religion and are wrapping it up in a nice little bow with speeches about what we have learned. We are doing those on 10/21 and 10/22.   Be prepared! The speeches only need to be 3 mins to 5 mins long.

We have two field trips coming up.   One is on 10/16 and one on 10/23.  On the 10/16 trip we need a lunch and on the 10/23 we don’t.  We will be visiting several religious sites, such as a mosque, synagogue, Greek Orthodox church and more!

A quick reminder : please remember to plug ipads and laptops back in after you have used them and please match up the numbers when you do.

Thanks guys,

Rosie x

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