February 19, 2018

Annie Apple and Bouncy Ben

Hello from Corbett Preschool!

Two weeks ago, we began our year-long adventure to Letterland with a greeting and secret gift from Annie Apple.  We spent the whole week looking for the letter a in words, making the letter sound, beginning to see how letters are formed and written, and learning about apples.  We also learn the letter in sign language, and discuss things that begin with that letter sound.  Several families and kids have asked for links to our songs, which is a great idea!

Before we learn about our special letter of the week, we always get in our imaginary cars and drive to Letterland.  We sing this song as we travel:

For each letter, we learn a letter-sound song and a handwriting song.  The letter-sound songs help us remember what sound each letter and Letterland character makes, and the handwriting song helps us see and remember how to write each letter.  They’re pretty catchy songs!

Here are the letter-sound and handwriting songs for Annie Apple:

And here they are for Bouncy Ben:

We would like to emphasize that our travels to Letterland are all about exposure for preschoolers.  Exposing them to the elements of phonics (“breaking the code of words”) at an early age, combined with reading great children’s literature (“reading for meaning”), lays a great foundation for life-long readers.  We do both at a level that students are ready for, and try to keep the big picture in mind – that preschool is about having fun while learning!


Want to learn more about the holistic approach to early literacy that we use in our classroom?  Check out this great article that describes all the elements of literacy and how to support our early learners:

The Essentials of Early Literacy Instruction

Want to nerd out on this as much as I do?  Here’s a scientific study that analyzes direct, indirect, and the whole-picture approach by looking at kindergarteners’ reading skills (it was too big to upload, so here’s the intro and summary of results):

Early Literacy Instruction and Learning




Have a wonderful weekend, looking forward to meeting Clever Cat next week!

-Ms. Tiffany and Ms. Nikki



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