February 23, 2018

Some notes for October!

Hey students and families,

Here are some quick reminders and notes for the next few weeks:

  • Thanks to everyone who showed up for conferences.  If you weren’t able to make it, your student should have brought home their conference guide to look over.  It needs to be discussed, signed and returned to me.
  • Orange permission slips for the religious sites field trips should have come home this weekend.  Please get them signed and returned, as our first trip is this coming Wednesday.  Parents/guardians–if you want to chaperone, make sure to indicate so at the bottom of the slip!
  • Projects are ramping up–Choose Your Own Adventure stories will be finished up this week and turned in Thursday (we will share them in school w/ other classes the afternoon of Halloween day) and world religions brochures are due Tuesday 10/22.  Students: use your in-class time wisely. Parents/guardians: ask your student how these projects are coming along!
  • You are able to order books from Scholastic online (thanks, Michelle and Cole!) at this website:  scholastic.com/reading  Our class receives credit for these orders, which we can use to order more books for our class.  Students receive a Scholastic order form once a month.

That’s it for now.  Happy Sunday, everybody!

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Mr. Houck teaches in the middle school. He thinks it's the greatest place to be. Born and raised in Oregon, he enjoys camping, fishing, soccer and good food. He loves his wife, his baby boy, his work, and his friends!